Product Queen, UX Enthusiast, Internet Extraordinaire, Data Team Leader

I am currently the Director of Product for Amino Payments. I am tasked with supporting Amino's vision designed to transform the digital industry. We combine technologies from blockchain, payments, and advertising to bring transparency to online advertising.

After V12 Group's exit and merge with Data Mentors, CEO of then V12 Group started a new venture into the onboarding world.  I was asked to join Throtle as the Director of Product to develop a new data onboarding solution for data driven clients. At V12 Group, the products I shipped regularly ranged from enterprise focused products to internal reporting and operations. I also focused behind the scenes on our Data Management Platform (DMP). I was promoted from Product Manager to Director in April of 2016. I have also worked in Product and Operations for The Wall Street Journal as well as served as one of Groupon's first Account Managers.


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